A gem quote in a libertarian paper

Thursday, Jun 18, 2009

Society is founded on cooperation between the individuals that compose it. Cooperation requires, among other things, an elaborate network of exchanges and presupposes reciprocity and partial satisfaction of the expectations of society’s members... In consequence, someone who refuses to cooperate when he himself has benefited from cooperation between others may become the subject of retaliatory measures. A company that fails to satisfy its customers loses its clientele and finds itself driven out [of] the market. An employee who fails to observe his contractual commitments can be fired by his employer. A consumer can refuse to buy a given commodity on the grounds that the manufacturer fails to respect some of his values. Thus individuals have access to peaceful means of sanctioning behaviours seen as uncooperative, together with ways and means of rewarding actions they see as meeting their standards.

Why Block is not entirely right and Tullock is completely wrong: The Case for Road Privatization, Pages 5-6, Laurent A.H. Carnis, Libertarian Papers, 2009, http://libertarianpapers.org/articles/2009/lp-1-28.pdf.