Excellently Observed

Friday, Dec 02, 2011

"... To experience all the miseries through which every one of us has passed, or to remain here doing nothing?" "This," said Candide, "is a grand question." ... Martin in particular concluded that man was born to live either in the convulsion of misery, or in the lethargy of boredom. Candide did not agree, but he did not provide any other opinion.

Pangloss sometimes would say to Candide: "All events are linked together in the best of all possible worlds; for, after all, had you not been kicked out of a fine castle for your love of Miss Cunegonde, had you not been put into the Inquisition, had you not travelled across America on foot, had you not stabbed the Baron with your sword, and had you not lost all your sheep which you brought from the good country of El Dorado, then you wouldn't be here eating preserved citrons and pistachio-nuts."

"Excellently observed," answered Candide; "but we must cultivate our garden."

Candide, Voltaire, 1759.