Exercise: Life Philosophy in 10 Sentences or Less

Wednesday, Jun 23, 2010

Write your own!

Human society rests on a strong individual and flows outward from individual to love, family, friends, neighbors, and finally voluntary cooperation with other humans, in that order. Tribes, nations, governments, and races are unimportant. Unlike other animals, modern humans are rational and understand that voluntary cooperation is more productive than violence. Ideas form the structure of society and greatly impact its quality (e.g. government and its extent or anarchy, moral principles, purpose, etc.). Humans are philanthropists and help each other (the greatest explosion of charity in history occurred voluntarily in the 19th century United States). A human may only use violence in self-defense of body or property, defending that of others, and surviving (e.g. eating). This violence must be proportional and only used as a last resort. Otherwise, the actions of another human are unimportant. Humans must strive to be productive, helpful members of society, and not to take the physical world for granted. Life and humanity are fundamentally good.