Fairness and Punishment for Strangers

Friday, Mar 19, 2010

Using three behavioral experiments administered across 15 diverse populations, we show that market integration (measured as the percentage of purchased calories) positively covaries with fairness while community size positively covaries with punishment.

Markets, Religion, Community Size, and the Evolution of Fairness and Punishment, Henrich et al, Science Magazine, Departments of Psychology and Economics, University of British Columbia, California Institute of Technology, University of California, Davis, University of Oxford, College of DuPage, Universidad de Los Andes, University of California, Santa Barbara, Guilford College, Washington University, Florida State University, University of Colorado, Boise State University, March 19, 2010, http://www.psych.ubc.ca/~henrich/pdfs/Henrich%20et.%20al.%202010.pdf.