Free-roaming vs Free-running?

Friday, Jan 09, 2009

I was at a local grocery store yesterday, "Gracefully," getting my normal dibs. The place is like an expensive Bodega. The prices are expensive, but the food alleyways are confusing enough to have fun getting lost in.

Eggs. I get confused every time. What's up with the grade A, AA, B? And I don't want any Omega-3s - it gives me the thought of fish eggs (which, directly from the fish, I do like).

I saw something though that was hilarious. Most of the boxes said all the normal crap, i.e. "No antibiotics. We pet our chickens. We give them haircuts and pedicures." And almost all of them say "Free roaming chickens." But there was one gray box that caught my eye: "Free running chickens."


Now, I don't know what they're running from. Or whether they're running in circles in a tiny space, but it seems healthy that my eggs come from chickens that are running, and not just roaming. Lazy, roaming chickens.