New Yawk

Friday, Oct 03, 2008

Anyone who says that they categorically like or dislike New York City hasn't really experienced it. "The" City has all the complexities of a human being. One day it's in a good mood, and the next day it wants to kill. Some parts of it are idealistic, and others are gutter dirty. It goes wild, and it goes somber. It has sleepless nights, and sometimes it gets comfy under blankets.

I've been to a lot of places around the world and I've met a lot of people thanks to my profession. New York is one of only a handful of cities that pulls this off. Most other cities, small and large, are just wombs for a simple or confused existence (you pick). Every once in a while, there's a lucky man or woman in these other cities that gets pretty damn close to figuring things out.

From Koblenz to Raleigh, and from Poughkeepsie to Bern, I've met people that have things figured out. Whether they're a Stuart Smalley delusion, self-made geniuses, or lucky bastards, they've just got it. On the other hand, everyone is confused in New York. I've yet to meet anyone like that in New York, from CIOs to hoods in the slums of the Bronx.

But somehow, New York as a whole just gets it. And since I doubt I'll ever figure things out, The City makes me feel comfortable.

All that having been said, I love New York (that is, when I don't hate it).

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