No Conspiracies

Monday, Jul 20, 2009

If there were really central bank conspiracies, why call me? Why did China request I fly to Beijing during the Asian Currency Crisis? These entities are no different than any one else out there. They do not have all the answers, nor do they have the power to command the world to do one thing at the expense of another.

The G5 evolved into the G20, and they cannot do anything, because they cannot see that they are part of the problem. They are not devoid of self-interest, and they will not act against that no matter what. You cannot convince any political state that they should take this action now to avoid a problem even a decade away for they will simply say in a democracy, it ain't their problem, its that future administration's problem. Do not confuse sheer ineptitude with some master plan that is coherent and transcends all administrations to achieve some lofty goal. This is just not how it really works.


Most of the central banks have a lot of PHDs, with no real world experience. They have read books, but have not been in the trench to "feel" what it is truly like. This is why government employees rarely have anything worthwhile that will ever contribute to society. There is not a single economic statistic that is even valid, no less any plausible guide as to what is going on. There are manipulated so much to try to influence the "public confidence" that it becomes a joke.

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