Police Fusion Centers

Thursday, Jun 18, 2009

And you ask, well, what are the results of the fusion centers? Notice that there hasn't been a citation to a single terrorist incident that has been blocked because of the collection of this information that's shared... Not even one. Now consider that effictiveness when you examine what might be alternate uses of law enforcement... annually there's something like 17 to 20,000 murders in the United States. And do you know what the clearance rate is? 61%. Clearance rate means that an arrest is made. Not a convication. An arrest is made for those homicides. 39% there's not even an arrest made. So those are crimes that have actually been committed that we can be utilizing these resources for especially when the return on investment [for fusion centers] is close to zero. So why are we doing this? ... You need to take some risks to have a free society. That is essential.

Bruce Fein, ~35:00, Fusion Centers: Domestic Spying or Sensible Surveillance?, The Cato Institute, June 11, 2009, http://www.cato.org/event.php?eventid=6218.

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