Spam Statistics

Friday, Jul 10, 2009

An estimated worldwide total of 62 trillion spam emails were sent in 2008.

Globally, annual spam energy use totals 33 billion kilowatt-hours (KWh), or 33 terawatt hours (TWh). That’s equivalent to the electricity used in 2.4 million homes in the United States, with the same GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions as 3.1 million passenger cars using two billion United States gallons of gasoline.


The average GHG emission associated with a single spam message is 0.3 grams of CO2. That’s like driving three feet (one meter) in equivalent emissions, but when multiplied by the annual volume of spam, it’s like driving around the Earth 1.6 million times.

The Carbon Footprint of Email Spam Report, McAfee and ICF International, April 14, 2009,