Swimming Upstream

Friday, Mar 19, 2010

In the global poll for the BBC World Service... 23% of those who responded - feel [Capitalism] is fatally flawed. That is the view of 43% in France, 38% in Mexico and 35% in Brazil. And there is very strong support around the world for governments to distribute wealth more evenly. That is backed by majorities in 22 of the 27 countries.

If there is one issue where a global consensus seems to emerge from the survey it is this: there are majorities almost everywhere wanting government to be more active in regulating business. It is only in Turkey that a majority want less government regulation.

Opinion about the disintegration of the Soviet Union is sharply divided. Europeans overwhelmingly say it was a good thing: 79% in Germany, 76% in Britain and 74% in France feel that way. But outside the developed West it is a different picture. Almost seven in 10 Egyptians say the end of the Soviet Union was a bad thing and views are sharply divided in India, Kenya and Indonesia.

Free market flawed, says survey, BBC News, James Robbins, November 9, 2009, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/8347409.stm.

Of course, there are major problems and inequities in our current system... but the questions are: why and what would be the solutions? It seems that the majority of people have made up their minds that the "why" is Capitalism and the solution is Government, without much thought.