The Cold War, Game Theory, and a Distorted Freedom

Thursday, Apr 29, 2010

This is a series of films about how this strange, paradoxical world came to be created. It begins in the dark and frightening days of the Cold War. And it will show how what we have today is a very narrow and peculiar idea of freedom that was born out of the paranoia of that time. It is based on an image of human beings as selfish, isolated, and suspicious creatures who constantly monitor and strategize against each other. The films will show how politicians, and scientists, came to believe that this idea of human nature could be the basis of a new type of free society. But what none of them would realize was that within this dark and distrustful vision, lay the seeds of a new, and revolutionary system of social control. It would use the language of freedom, but in reality it would come to entrap us and our leaders in a narrow and empty world.

The Trap, BBC, March, 2007,,,