Theory on the stages of life

Sunday, Apr 05, 2009

Specific ages in the stages are highly affected by geography, year of birth, and culture, but the pattern is likely the same.

Any of the stages can be abruptly skipped or indefinitely extended by one of the following: disease (physical or mental), poverty, war, family circumstances, cults, religion, political environment, discrimination, social ineptitudes, irrational decisions, unlucky turns of events, fate, death, incarceration, disembowelment, cheating, nepotism, and many more.

Monogamous puppy love (which probably only occurs in ~10% of relationships) most likely forms in Stage 3 due to self-convincing, impregnation, and/or innocence, and is less likely to start afterward. For males, Stage 4 ushers in beauty lust towards females and self-importance lust towards themselves. For females, Stage 4 ushers in power/money/beauty lust towards males and self-beauty lust towards themselves.