Thursday, Jan 28, 2010

Thomas More was born in 1477. He published Utopia in Latin in 1516. He was beheaded in 1535 by the government of England for denying the supremacy of the King as head of the Church.

You see, our friend Raphael -- for that's his name, Raphael Nonsenso -- is quite a scholar...

We did not ask him if he had seen any monsters, for monsters have ceased to be news. There is never any shortage of horrible creatures who prey on human beings, snatch away their food, or devour whole populations; but examples of wise social planning are not so easy to find...

My present plan is merely to repeat what he said about the laws and customs of Utopia.

Utopia, Thomas More, Translated to English by Turner, http://www.amazon.com/Utopia-Penguin-Classics-Thomas-More/dp/0140449108.

Utopia: where everything grows of its own accord and turkeys fly around ready-roasted.

Essays and Aphorisms, Arthur Schopenhauer, http://www.amazon.com/Essays-Aphorisms-Penguin-Classics-Schopenhauer/dp/0140442278.